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2012-01-27 10:31:11 by zachdamacman

Ask me something, and I'll answer it. Go on. Do it.


2011-12-05 09:33:32 by zachdamacman

This month brings not only Christmas, but the end of my first semester in college. Three finals in one day. Bring it on.


2011-11-02 08:46:02 by zachdamacman

Loving the cool weather that's coming with fall here in Florida. Learning how to play the drums as well. Playing is really fun, and I really like it.

Happy Halloween!

2011-10-28 10:50:18 by zachdamacman

May it not involve being chased by Michael Myers.

Happy Halloween!


2011-10-10 13:37:58 by zachdamacman

College is going along fine. Tons of essays, but it's all good. Life is so good when you just want it to be. Here's the Red Hot Chili Peppers with one of their great new songs.


2011-09-16 08:30:55 by zachdamacman

Turning 19 this month. Doesn't even feel like it's time for my birthday though. Plus, I'm getting the best birthday present I've gotten in the last 4 years, being in college instead of high school. Life is good.


2011-08-24 13:31:45 by zachdamacman

I'm here at my first day of college, and man is it awesome. The classes seem to be pretty interesting, and they do things like give out free cotton candy and have inflatable games like the ones at the fair. I haven't felt this good in a while.


2011-08-01 15:57:13 by zachdamacman

I finally received my college I.D. today and that means I'm now a student. Classes don't start until the 23rd though. I'm pretty excited about going into college. It'll be an interesting experience to say the least.

Just got back.....

2011-07-08 20:05:30 by zachdamacman

From vacation. Spent a few days with a group of people living on a river with no facilities. This was the last year I got to do it though. Ah, twenty foot high platforms and rope swings, you were fun while you lasted.

Graduation Ceremony

2011-06-05 13:04:13 by zachdamacman

Today's the day of my high school's graduation ceremony. It's starting to hit me how far I've come, but I'm it'll really hit me when I walk across the stage. I'm so excited to be finally getting my high school diploma. Thirteen years of school, all coming down to one event.

Edit: Graduation was really awesome! I've finally gotten my diploma. It's kind of bittersweet though. I am gonna miss high school a little.